The secrets behind PULSIONS’s accuracy

PULSIONS highlights four situations where people are liable to act. Each situation has a color: blue, green, orange and red. These colors are in no way a value judgment: a “red” profile can be extremely useful in some situations!

Depending on the situation, a person can:
Exemple : I’m looking for a replacement...
Act according to their own thoughts/decisions

... and we are in a period of reform, of transformation
Work with others to address needs

... and at present everything is going well, we are well positioned for future success
Work with others to solve problems

... and our company is facing problems that need to be solved
Trigger or face a breakdown

... and our company is in crisis and may go under

The questionnaire also identifies eight types of behavior, the “pulsions” (drives).

These are the levers used by each person based on the specific situation. They correspond to fulfilling an objective:


for personal Performance: be completely fulfilled by your own performance.

for Usefulness: complete concrete tasks for which you are responsible. Produce and deliver, using your expertise to help your workplace.

for Liberty: embrace your freedom to take pleasure in your activities.

for Security: control your business risks and parameters for secure growth.

for Interest: generate results for yourself and your stakeholders.

for Ownership: exercise authority in your field to bolster your reputation.

or Novelty: generate new ideas, question and change what must be changed.

for Social: create and manage excellent interpersonal relationships to work in a positive connected environment.

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