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Designed for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, this certification is primarily aimed at executives, managers, HR managers, coaches, recruiters, and consultants. It aims to optimize recruitment processes, team management, and personal development in the workplace. Delving into the heart of human behaviors, PULSIONS PRO offers a revolutionary method to decipher, understand, and harness both individual and collective potential.

Why choose PULSIONS PRO?

With PULSIONS PRO, dive into the heart of human dynamics to better understand how people work, in which environments and situations they can thrive and act effectively or ineffectively, what motivates and challenges them within the company.

Use our proven methods to enhance productivity, employee satisfaction and optimise HR processes.

By obtaining your PULSIONS PRO certification, position yourself as a leader in the field of human management and understanding.



  • Deep understanding of behavioral dynamics
  • Tool for professional performance & well-being
  • Professional recognition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about certification. However, if you do not find your answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Who is this PULSIONS pro certification for?

For executives, managers, HR managers, recruiters, business consultants and coaches.

Do I need any previous HR experience?

No, our training is designed to suit all levels of experience.

How long does the certification last?

3 days of training, including two consecutive days and one after completing 3 PULSIONS profiles.

Where does the certification take place?

The course takes place in Switzerland, in the Geneva region, or at your company if you wish.

How much does the certification cost?

CHF 4,500 per person

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