You are a manager or decision-maker, you have defined a strategy and you want to translate it into action: with ProPulsions, we commit not only to providing strategic advice but also to giving you the tools to implement them effectively.

Our methodology, tried and tested for over 20 years, has been adopted by many leading companies. Transform your strategic visions into tangible successes!

Our ProPulsions Strategic Advice

1. ProPULSIONS Recruitment

Craft recruitment strategies that not only attract but also retain top talent.

Opt for this support if you want to:

  • Define your recruitment strategy and communication aligned with your needs and objectives: attract, engage, integrate, and retain talents within your company.
  • Redefine your recruitment processes so that each action contributes to your reputation and strengthens your Employer Brand in the market.

2. ProPULSIONS Management

Prepare and execute organizational transformations with precision, using a proven tool.

Opt for this support if you are facing a significant challenge, launching a major project, undergoing a significant transformation in your organization… and you want to:

  • Bring together the key decision-makers directly involved to prepare together to launch the operation.
  • Decide who should be given the necessary responsibilities to achieve the set objectives.
  • Prepare to communicate to all stakeholders what you expect from them in a structured and effective manner.
  • Set a concrete and efficient action plan.
  • Ensure the necessary collaboration to achieve the desired results.

3. ProPULSIONS Commercial

Define sales strategies that reflect the quality and reliability of a method that is recognised and respected in the sector.

Opt for this support if you want to define how your sales team should interact with clients to execute your commercial strategy and enhance the reputation you aim to establish in the market.

4. ProPULSIONS Team Building

Energise your teams using a method that has helped many organisations cultivate an effective and harmonious spirit of collaboration.

Opt for this support if you want to strengthen collaboration within your team by using each person’s PULSIONS profile to:

  • Foster mutual understanding among your team members
  • Have a framework to observe and work with others without any value judgments
  • Highlight what is important for each team member to thrive and perform in their role
  • Foster collaboration and team spirit by leveraging everyone’s strengths

Move from Reflection to Action!

Our method goes beyond applying theoretical principles; it is the result of over two decades of practical application in various professional contexts. This experience enables us to offer you a range of services tailored to every aspect of your business management:

  • Strategy and Implementation: We assist you in translating your goals into concrete action plans, ensuring that each step effectively contributes to achieving your objectives.
  • Engagement and Retention: Our strategies are designed to engage your teams and encourage them to fully invest in shared success.


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