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In work environments, people reveal themselves to others through their words and actions: their natural behavior. How can we accurately analyze and assess them to see whether their behavior is a good match for their given objectives?

PULSIONS gives you all the details about the potential adaptations needed to achieve a better performance, solo or as a team.

MatchProcess helps large corporations optimize their recruiting process by matching applicants’ profiles with the required objectives of the positions to be filled.

Thanks to our survey, available in french, english, german and spanish, we accompany you in four different languages in the search of performance.

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Your expectations

Manage, recruit, advise or better understand yourself…
Whatever your expectations, we have a custom solution to meet your objectives.

Identify the behavior required to properly complete a task
ExempleYou have an employee in your department who knows your products inside and out but the results aren’t there: PULSIONS identifies their way of working and helps them modify it.PULSIONS
Effectively manage a team
ExempleWhen I know my team’s PULSIONS profile, I can identify each member’s area of effectiveness more easily and accurately.Certification
Succeed in your next career stage
ExempleAre you thinking about changing fields? PULSIONS identifies which work environment paves the way for your success.PULSIONS
Improve the recruitment of your (future) colleagues
ExempleWhen an applicant’s CV matches the position’s requirements, PULSIONS identifies whether their natural behavior is a good match for the issues they must overcome and, if not, whether they can adapt.PULSIONS
Learn PULSIONS to advise my company and my customers
ExempleSince I became a PULSIONS certified consultant, I’m better able to identify needs and targets when marketing a new product. And that is a huge advantage.Certification
Large-scale recruiting
ExempleAre you launching a new product with specific objectives to be reached? PULSIONS optimizes your recruiting process by ensuring that you find applicants who match your expectations.MatchProcess


280 questions to revolutionize interpersonal relationships at work

With its 280-question online test, PULSIONS focuses solely on what people DO, on their behavior and not on their personality.

The method rejects value judgments; there is no essentially “good” or “bad” behavior. A good behavior is the right behavior for a specific situation. The questionnaire results help you ascertain it.

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PULSIONS is right for you if you:

  • Want to hire a new executive, manager or employee
  • Want to change careers
  • Have to launch and/or manage a new project
  • Have to supervise and/or manage a team
  • Have to resolve conflicts within a team or a company
  • Have to release a new product and identify targets and appropriate messaging


Recruit effectively

Save time recruiting! MatchProcess, a digital tool that helps large corporations effectively recruit on a large-scale, quickly identifies the best profiles for positions to be filled.



  • Customizes your job interviews
  • Finds profiles that match your requirements
  • Reduces your recruiting costs

Get Certified

Choose autonomy

Analyze, make decisions and take action based on an accurate, relevant and action-focused method in complete autonomy – does that sound tempting? Get certified in the PULSIONS tool and method. Our comprehensive training sessions help you master the PULSIONS parameters and focus straightaway on your work reality, your position and your stakes.

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RMeticulous with excellent teaching skills, all our consultants are certified in the PULSIONS tool and method. Fortified by their experience, you will benefit from their advice and expertise.

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“PULSIONS certification gave me a professional work tool that doesn’t confuse what people do with who they are.”

Christian Oberson, certified consultant