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PULSIONS is a method that predicts very accurately and reliably the behaviors actually adopted by a person in a professional situation. Depending on the context, employees activate levers classified in 8 categories. They correspond to the achievement of a specific objective: personal performance, usefulness, liberty, security, interest, own image, new ideas or social. Together, they make up the acronym “PULSIONS”.

Invented in 2003 by Daniel Schmid, the method has been validated by experts. Today, it is applied by more than 100 certified consultants who accompany managers, executives and consultants in the management of their company and their business. The added value of PULSIONS? To become aware of and understand one’s operating mode in order to progress autonomously in one’s professional life, to understand the contexts in which it is possible to express one’s full potential and those in which one can learn to adapt successfully.

The team

With fundamentally complementary fields of expertise, the PULSIONS team accompany you towards a new definition of performance.


Daniel Schmid is the founder of the PULSIONS. He promotes PULSIONS Management SA by advising and training managers, executives and business consultants in all sectors of the economy. His main objective? To allow each person to become aware of his or her behavior and to verify its adequacy with the professional challenges he or she faces.

Laure Zimmermann

Laure Zimmermann is a partner at PULSIONS Management SA. As a psychologist, she actively collaborated in the creation and development of the PULSIONS questionnaire. Today, she is in charge of the training of the people who are certified and contributes to the future development of the PULSIONS tool and methodology.


Antoine Schmid

Antoine Schmid is a partner at PULSIONS Management SA. He has actively collaborated in the creation and development of the PULSIONS test. As a software engineer, he is in charge of all the IT developments related to our solutions and contributes to the evolution of the PULSIONS tool and methodology.

Bastien Maurice

PULSIONS X Hulule Academy

Our method is exported to France

Bastien Maurice, the founder of Hulule Academy, has been PULSIONS certified since 2020. Since then, convinced of its high added value, he has been supporting his clients with our method!

With Hulule Academy, PULSIONS takes another step towards its expansion – the training centre is now an official PULSIONS partner. It can now train you to use the method.

Are you in France?

Contact Bastien to get certified in this amazing tool that will give a real boost to your business, your recruiting and your coaching!

Our partner companies

The key to our success? Experiences partners with whom we have maintained long-standing relationships of trust.


With more than 30 years of experience, BuxumLunic has more than 25 employees in more than 10 different fields. Based in Geneva and Lausanne, the agency will address all your marketing and communication needs. Web designers, creatives, web developers, strategists, marketing planners, writers, PR specialists, project managers. thanks to the varied and complementary skills of its staff with unique backgrounds.

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dotBase spécialiste CRM

dotBase is a Swiss company founded in 2000, based in Geneva and operating throughout Switzerland. The digitization of the economy creates countless opportunities, but also many challenges. Our offer is essentially organized around tools that allow companies to better serve their own prospects and customers: Marketing Automation, CRM Sales, CRM Customer Service.

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