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For 15 years, the PULSIONS method has revolutionized interpersonal relationships at work. Today, customers of our more than 100 certified consultants trust PULSIONS to lead their teams to success.


PULSIONS accurately and reliably predicts the actual behavior adopted by a person in a work situation, giving executives, managers and consultants a powerful tool for running their company and business.

Expert-validated method

Mr. José Miguel Sepulveda is an organizational psychologist and Doctor of Psychology. An expert in assessment tools, he is the co-author of Révélez vos talents(Reveal Your Talents), a map of development psychometric tools.

How is the PULSIONS test more than a personality test?

PULSIONS is unique in that it identifies solely the behavior actually adopted by people when they work. It is not a personality test but a tool that can predict how a person will carry out the tasks and responsibilities given to them.

How is focusing solely on actions and not on personality more effective?

Identifying the way people work is key when giving them tasks or responsibilities. Is their way of doing things a good fit for our environment, our culture, for the job’s current circumstances and the stakes present? The PULSIONS questionnaire is a wonderful addition to various existing personality tests because, beyond personality traits, it helps us to understand how this person will actually act.

Why is the PULSIONS tool a real advantage within a company?

Results obtained using the PULSIONS questionnaire are extremely reliable; people who take it are able to evaluate how they act in practical terms, identify contexts and situations where they are or aren’t effective and be aware of the dynamic that their behavior produces within their sphere of activity. You can request a technical manual from PULSIONS Management SA.


Over 100 certified consultants are trained to analyze the match between a natural behavior and the requirements of a work situation. Their expertise helps you determine your work issues, thus enabling you and your team to achieve set objectives confidently.

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